Entry: What it's REALLY like having twins... Dec 26, 2008

I had big plans for the girls' first Christmas, but nothing went as it was supposed to laugh.gif

I bought cute little jean/fleece jacket sets for Christmas pictures at San Jose's Christmas in the Park... size 12 months... but, when I went to put on Leigh's jeans, they were too small! Not just a little snug either - WAY too small. 12 months!  She's only 4.5 months old! cry.gif (17 lbs now)

We tried for three days to make it to Christmas in the Park, but never did go. We'd get the girls all dressed up, then something would happen - a poop blowout, bad weather etc. It took us four hours to get out of the house the last time, and by the time we did it was too dark. So we decided to brave the mall instead and take a picture with Santa.

Upon our arrival, Santa was just packing up for what I'm sure was a much-needed 1-hour break. We decided to go shopping, milled around Target for awhile, and came back exactly one hour later to a line that was probably close to a 1/4 mile long. It looped around and around and went down the center aisle as far as the eye could see.

Needless to say we were not going to subject our twins or ourselves to that kind of wait, so we went home, vowing to take pictures in front of our Christmas tree instead. But, the girls were fussy by now, I had to go straight to nursing, and their outfits were stripped off & they went to sleep. So did we.

So... hopefully your Christmas went better than ours! LOL I'm sure it did as most people are smarter than we are and have one baby at a time instead of two!

We did get a few snapshots of Christmas day, though not as many as we'd hoped, and the girls were just in their jammies. Christmas was fun however! The girls are still sleeping it off.


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