Mar 29, 2010
taking stock

41 today... and nearly 28 weeks pregnant!

My maternal life has been a series of ironies. For most of my life, I never wanted children. All that changed after I met my now-husband. Whether it was my husband, my biological clock, or a combination of the two I don't know, but at age 35, I suddenly desired children more than anything in the world. I thought I had plenty of time left on the clock.

I was wrong. We tried. We failed. After my fourth miscarriage, we were told I had a 2% chance of having a baby on my own. (Apparently, all that birth control I'd taken over nearly the past two decades was just another irony.) Doctors frowned and looked discouraging. They suggested Serious Medical Intervention. We moved on to the technological wizardry that is IVF/ICSI/PGD, which gave us our gorgeous twin girls, whom we spoil daily. Their birth story entails the most painful irony of all - that they originally comprised half of quadruplets. Our twin sons were dying in utero of a birth defect and threatening the pregnancy. After losing so many babies, we were forced to make the decision to reduce our twin boys to save our daughters' lives.

The final irony, of course, is the arrival of our baby boy. About a year after our daughters were born, my husband and I had The Talk. Should we have more babies? Our answer was a simultaneous no, followed by a high-five. I don't think we've ever agreed on anything quite so quickly in our history together. Our hearts, and our hands, were more than full with our twin daughters. Later that very same day, I felt a funny feeling in my abdomen as I leaned over the tub to give our girls a bath. One POAS later, I discovered our happy surprise number three - a baby boy, already 13+ weeks along, who is currently doing perfectly. 

Our lives have come full circle. It's a very happy birthday for me!

Posted at 11:25 am by lisachu

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