Jan 1, 2010
Happy New Year!

It's not only a new year, but a new decade! What a decade it's been. Engagement, marriage, fertility struggles, two beautiful twin daughters, and now... surprise! A miracle pregnancy. I am 15 weeks pregnant with a little boy. He truly is a miracle baby who has beaten all odds of simply by way of being here.

According to my reproductive endocrinologist, my chances of ever conceiving a baby to term naturally were slim to none. Given my history, preventing was not something that had occurred to me for some time. Even though I had what in hindsight was some pretty awful morning sickness throughout the first trimester, I never dreamed that I could be pregnant, other than in terms of sarcasm. Oh right, I'm pregnant. Mmm hmm. I remember laughing at my husband when he asked, also with a smirk on his face.

I didn't seriously consider it until I leaned over the tub one day, giving the girls a bath. The pressure on my belly felt strange. I thought to myself, "I haven't felt this way since I was preg - [proverbial lightbulb]!" I searched the cabinet and found one pregnancy test left over from the days BT (Before Twins), which immediately popped up "pregnant".

I refused to let myself get too excited. After all, I've been there many times before. I told my husband, but we put off having an ultrasound. They always led to heartbreak, in our experience. Our time was more than filled with caring for our 1-year-old twin girls, and thanks to breastfeeding, I was already/still taking prenatals, eating healthily, and was alcohol/med free.

I held out for about two weeks before my curiosity got the better of me. And, guess what? I was through the first trimester already. 13 weeks, 2 days was the estimate. I wept happy tears seeing baby's enormous head on the ultrasound, which freaked out the ultrasound tech a little. She didn't know our history. I was so used to seeing a tiny grain of rice with a barely flickering heartbeat, or, no heartbeat at all.

The reproductive endocrinologist who performed our IVF (ICSI) said that given my history and age, I had a 2% chance of ever conceiving a baby on my own, without medical assistance. I think that this was an educated, but generic, guess on the part of my RE who only had overall stats from women with my age & miscarriage history. I was being lumped in with patients with more serious diagnoses, or even addictions, who could have had miscarriages for a number of reasons: PCOS, diabetes, even drug use or drinking.

I figured that increased *my* odds somewhat. But, 2% "plus" is still depressing. It's the reason we gave up on trying naturally and went straight to IVF, and why I stopped preventing. No point in suffering fat ankles with the Pill anymore.

For this pregnancy, I was given a 1/50 chance of there being a genetic issue if the pregnancy lasted through the first trimester, which it has. This number is probably a lot more accurate than the other one. My amnio was on 12/29. We're still waiting on the results, which take about two weeks. Please wish our Baby Boy luck! He's beaten the odds so far, let's hope he goes with the odds this time!

Posted at 04:10 pm by lisachu

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