Aug 5, 2009
Happy birthday, girls

Our girls are officially one year old today. Happy birthday, Leigh and Lucy! We love you!

So many changes to report. Every day they are saying more and more words. Lucy is close to walking; she hops up and down on her knees and is itching to stand. She jumps to her feet sometimes and stands briefly before sinking back to her knees again. She barely touches our fingers when we help her to walk. Any time now!

Some vocabulary highlights:

Lucy -
"What does cow say?" - "Boo!" (or when she sees a cow)
"What does owl say?" - "Hoo hoo" (or when she sees an owl)
"What does kitty say?" - "Mao mao" (or when she sees a kitty)
"What does fish say?" - (smacks lips together making kissing sound)

She says ball ("baaa!"), water ("waaer"), whale ("way-oh"), baby ("bay" and signs with wildly swinging arms), and my favorite, Mama ("Mamamamama"). She mimics us so often I can't keep up with her new vocabulary, but these are the ones she does the most often & really understands. Her voice is so cute and little, it brings me to tears every time I hear that sweet tiny voice of hers.

Leigh -
"What does cow say?" - "mmmmmmmm" (or in response to seeing a cow)
"What does fish say?" - (smacks lips together making kissing sound - she purses her lips & sucks in her cheeks making the perfect fish face, and no one even taught her this!)
"What does penguin do?" - "Waddle waddle waddle" (more like, "waaoh waaoh waaoh", and she also performs one of the following visual aids: rocks her head back and forth and/or swings her bottom in a perfect penguin waddle, all with a sweet smile like this is her very favorite animal)

Leigh says ball ("ba!"), signs baby by swinging her arms wildly back and forth with her little fists not touching, just like someone speed walking :), kitty ("kee" in a whisper), and my favorite, Mama (which comes out "Em em em!"). Leigh says "bee" too, also in a whisper, and smacks her lips making the "tasty" sound when she sees an apple. She usually whispers words for awhile before attempting them out loud, it's extremely cute, so much so that I could never properly put it into words.

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